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PSP Firmware Guide


You have a PSP System but you dont know how to install a custom firmware? Or just dont know which CFW you should install?

No problem. This firmware guide will help you.


At first you need to know, which PSP System you have.
There are 5 different (optical) PSP Systems:

The PSP 1000:

The PSP 2000:

The PSP 3000:

Special PSP 3000:

The PSP Go (N-1000):

The PSP Street (E-1000):

Found your PSP? Great. Now you can proceed with the firmware guide.

Special features of your PSP

{You can skip this part if you have a PSP 1000, 3000, PSP Go or PSP Street. This part is only important for PSP 2000 owners!}

You have to look for the DateCode of your PSP 2000 (Not necessary for other PSPs!), which you can find in the battery compartment:

There are 2 options: Either your psp has a DateCode of 8C (or above) PSP, or it's not (DateCode is below 8C).
If your PSP has a DateCode of 8C (or above), then your psp is listed as 2000v3!
If the DateCode is below 8C, it's listed as PSP 2000.
If your PSP doesn't have a DateCode, use the LME CFW and check your motherboard with PSPident 0.75.

If it's a TA-088v3 motherboard, then DO NOT use the ME CFW; but if it is a TA-085v1/v2, TA-088v1/v2 or TA-090v1 motherboard, then you are able to use ME CFW.


Section for all PSP models

Your currently installed firmware does not matter. There are ways to update or downgrade it to a desired firmware!
You download the official Sony Firmware 6.61 (PSP Go owners have to download Firmware 6.61 Go), and install it.

If your PSP has an installed 3.XX OE CFW which gives you an "DADADADA" Error, look at this:



Special section for 3.xx OE CFW Users (Skip if your PSP does not have this CFW)

With this tutorial I will show you how to update your 3.XX OE CFW to a newer Firmware
If you run a OFW updater on the 3.XX OE CFW it will give you an (DADADADA) Error. At first you have to update to the 3.71 M33 CFW, and from it you are able to update to 6.61 ME CFW.

At first you have to download the OE CFW Updater, which you put on the PSPs memory stick.
Now you run the 3.52 M33 Updater and install the 3.52 M33-1.
Next you run the revision update 3.52 M33-4 which updates the 3.52 M33-1 to 3.52 M33-4. Now you shutdown the PSP, keep pressed the R trigger which opens the Recovery Menu. Inside the Recovery menu you change the kernel from 1.50 to 3.52 (configurations -> Homebrew Kernel).
Now you install the 3.71 M33 CFW, which has the title PSP Updater ver. 3.71.

After installing the 3.71 M33, you are able to install the 6.61 OFW which is necessary for the 6.61 ME {OFW installer}.



Special section for 5.50 CFW Users (Skip if your PSP does not have this CFW)

If your PSP has an installed 5.50 CFW which gives you an "Its already version 9.90 installed, no 'update' necessary" Error, then look at this:
I will show you how to fix the "Its already version 9.90 installed, no 'update' necessary" Error at 5.50 CFWs.


You need: A PSP, a PC, an USB Cable and the Version.txt of 5.50 OFW (Download)

1.Turn the PSP off
2. Launch the Recovery Menu (Keep pressed the R trigger while starting the PSP)
3. Choose the option advanced
4. Then choose toggle Flash0 to USB
(For the next step we need the PC)
5. Open the VSH direction and then theETC direction
6. Delete the version.txt which is inside of the ETC folder
7. Put the downloaded version.txt inside this Folder
(Now back to the PSP)
8. Go back to the main menu of the recovery menu and chose configurations
9. Toggle 'use version.txt' from disabled to enabled

Finally leave the recovery menu and the error should be gone. Now you should be able to update to a higher OFW (or CFW).


Only for PSP 1000 and 2000 (NON-8C!) owners:

You download the Custom Firmware 6.61 ME-2.3 {Installable from 6.60 OFW}, and put the Installer folder inside the /PSP/GAME/ folder. Now launch the "Updater 6.61 ME" from the XMB and install the 6.61 ME-2.3 CFW.
Now you are running the best custom firmware that is available for the PSP 1000 and 2000!

Only for PSP 2000v3, 3000, PSP Go and PSP E1000 owners:

You download the Custom Firmware 6.61 LME-2.3, and put the Installer and Launcher folders inside the /PSP/GAME/ folder!
Now you launch the LME Installer from the XMB and install the LME CFW through pressing the X button.
Then you launch the Launcher from the XMB and launch the LME CFW. Now you've installed the temporary version of the ME CFW, which you can use like the PSP 1000 and 2000 owners can use their ME CFW.
The LME CFW has one little disadvantage: If you shutdown your psp, you have to launch the launcher one more time for re-activating the LME CFW.
Except for this one difference, the LME CFW is identical to the ME CFW.

Optional for PSP 2000v3 3000, PSP Go and PSP E1000 owners:

It bothers you that the LME CFW isn't pre-loaded at the system start? - Then use my LightSpeed Mod.
With LightSpeed you can launch the LME CFW direct through an XMB Icon, so you don't have to search the LME launcher and you're able to launch the CFW very fast.
LightSpeed will look like this:

The LightSpeed Mod will either be placed in the Extras or in the Music Category

(LightSpeed is translated into german, english and dutch. It will be english, if your system language is any other than the previously listed languages.)


Its very easy to install LightSpeed:

You download LightSpeed v6.61 (For 6.61 LME), put the LightSpeed Installer folder in the /PSP/GAME/ folder and launch it. You can install either the Comic Mod (LightSpeed in Extras category) or the SensMe Mod (LightSpeed in Music category). You can decide which one you prefer. After the installation of LightSpeed you can delete the LME CFW launcher from your game menu. Via LightSpeed you're able to launch the LME CFW (as long as it has been installed) through the Extras or Music category.
If you want to uninstall LightSpeed simply launch the LightSpeed installer one more time and choose uninstall for uninstalling LightSpeed and restoring the original files.


This is the end of the Firmware guide, and after following it, you are now running the best CFW for your PSP!

If you still have questions feel free to contact me via or via Twitter. Ill answer them.